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We hope everyone has fun out on the course this season and enjoys playing these games! And remember…in this league, the most important thing is “forming friendships” by having fun!!


In order to win the GOW, a league member must first have a minimum of one 9-hole round posted with FWO. In order to win any season-long award, a league member must post a minimum of eight (8) rounds of weekly play. Only returning members from the previous year are eligible to contend for the Most Improved Golfer award.


After completion of play on the shotgun day of each month, a prize or token, up to a maximum of one per weekly play, will be given to a player for eagles, birdies, and/or chip-ins during league play for the previous month.  

Recognition will also be given to the players winning the weekly low gross and low net distinctions during league play for the previous month. Special recognition will be given to anyone who makes a hole-in-one during league play, of course!


An optional Game of the Week (GOW) is offered each weekly play day for a $2 buy-in. Cash prizes are given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Players do not have to be present to win (see League Rules and Procedures).


Every player contributes 10¢ to the putt pot for each three-putt during their round. The player with the lowest total putts for that week wins the pot. Player must be present to win.


GROSS SCORE – The actual total number of strokes you made at your ball.

NET SCORE – Your score after subtracting your handicap from your gross score. 

LOW PUTTS – Total number of putts for the round. Double Par Rule X counts as a 3-putt, unless one decides to putt from the farthest putt of the group and makes it in the hole in less than 3 putts. In that case, you may use that putt number for your putt total on that hole.


Most Eagles, Birdies, Chip-Ins:  The Prize Chair will keep a record of the eligible members making the Most Eagles, Birdies, Chip-ins, and weekly Low Putts throughout the season and an award will be presented to each winner. 


ALIBI – Substitute PAR for three of your worst holes than calculate your NET.

BEST FIVE – Select your best five holes. Subtract half of your handicap.

BLIND DATE -- You'll find out who your partner is after the round. Add both scores to find the winning team.

EPITAPH – Player receives a cross with their name and the score they are supposed to play to according to their handicap. You plant your cross wherever you reached your handicap.  Winners will be determined based on NET scores of players returning with their cross.

EVEN HOLES – Total even holes only: (2, 4, 6  &  8/10, 12, 14, 16 & 18). Subtract half of your handicap.

IF- Disregard your worst hole. Subtract your total handicap. 

LUCK OF THE DRAW – At the end of the game, draw a hole number and deduct the score you got for this hole from your net score.      

LOW NET WITH A TWIST - The players with the lowest gross and net 9 holes but with a twist. After the round, you come back in and pick a number 1-9 and whatever number you pick will not count on your scorecard.

MUTT & JEFF – Count only your score on all par 5’s, and all par 3’s.  Subtract half of your handicap. 

MYSTERY HOLES – 2 holes will be revealed afterwards.  Those holes will be par.

NAME YOUR SCORE! – Before you play inform weekly play coordinator of your projected score.  Closest without going over will win.

ODD HOLES – Total odd holes only. Subtract half of your handicap.

ONE FAT RAT – Net score PLUS your worst hole!

PAR FOURS – Total all of your par fours and subtract half of your handicap.

PINK BALL – All players are given a pink golf ball to play the round. You MUST use the PINK BALL on EVERY shot. In order to stay in the game, you must turn in your pink ball at the end of your round. If you lose your pink ball, you are out of the GOW, but continue the round with your regular ball! Winners will be determined based on NET scores of players finishing with pink balls. 

POKER – Calculate your net score and then add your five best holes. 

SCORE WITHOUT PUTTS – Subtract your total number of putts from your net score.

SCRATCH’EM – Before teeing off, circle two holes that you absolutely ABHOR. Subtract the score of these two holes from your net score.

SOB SISTERS – Convert to par, one worst par 3 and one worst par 4 then calculate your new net for GOW. 

THREE BLIND MICE – Subtract three worst holes from your net score. 

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